Money found in waste

March 2014

Keen eyed staff at the waste collection and sorting facility on the outskirts of Norwich recently spotted an envelope containing £350 in cash and a cheque in the material being sorted.

Waveney Norse collected and delivered recycled waste to the Norse run Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) at Costessey. As the material was going through, staff found an envelope containing the money that had mistakenly been thrown out. 

“we have managed to contact the company and they subsequently collected the money,” Tony Matlass, Production Manager at the Norse facility said. “It’s good to see the honesty of our staff and to be able to return the money to its rightful owner.”

The firm did not wish to be identified but was full of praise for the Norse team:

“We'd almost given up hope of finding one of our takings envelopes when out of the blue we received a call from Norse in Norwich. One of their eagle-eyed team had spotted the envelope in a pile of recycling and handed it in - complete with a cheque and cash. Thank you very much indeed both for your honesty and for your efforts in ensuring that the envelope was returned to us.”