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Norse Group MD addresses influential local government network conference

March 2014

Norse Group MD Mike Britch was invited to be on a discussion panel at the influential New Local Government Network (NLGN) 2014 Annual Conference.

In an informal ‘breakout’ session, where the panel considered radical ideas for integrated services, what these might look like and how these can be made to work on the ground, Mike talked about the benefits joint venture initiatives could bring to local authorities. 

He outlined the Norse model for delivering estate management, essential frontline services and facilities management operations and how they could help ease budgetary pressures.

“Mike highlighted the advantages of a joint venture partnership with the Norse Group in terms of speed of change, flexibility and shared success, along with answering the need to do something different to address the scale of budget cuts facing the public sector.

He explained how the flexibility of the model allows for innovation and change to be delivered with less emphasis on designing the ‘perfect solution’ - a situation which not only inevitably delays change but also risks that the changes are never delivered.”

Labour’s policy chief Jon Cruddas MP and Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Rt Hon Danny Alexander MP, were the conference’s keynote speakers.

NLGN works with councils, private businesses, third sector organisations and anyone who has an interest in making local public services better.