Waveney Norse internship for young people with learning difficulties

February 2014

Waveney Norse is supporting Easton and Otley College’s internship programme for young people with learning difficulties/disabilities. 

The scheme helps them to acquire the transferrable skills needed to aid them in the transition into employment.

Thanks to the joint support of Waveney Norse and the internship project, 20 year old Stephen Warner, from Lowestoft, has gained part time work experience in his ‘dream’ job as a gardener at Nicholas Everitt Park in Oulton Broad.

As part of the grounds team he has a new found confidence whilst picking up horticultural skills- working alongside full time members of staff and the Friends of Nicholas Everitt Park, which sees around 200,000 visitors a year.

Stephen said, “I’ve got an allotment and love gardening. Hopefully the skills I’m learning will enable me to get a job at the end of the day either, in parks or somewhere else.”

Mark Ross, Technical Support Officer from Waveney Norse, said, “Stephen has brought lots of enthusiasm to the role and he is picking up new skills all the time. I wouldn’t hesitate to give him a reference and there is always the possibility that he could gain employment in a seasonal capacity in the future. Stephen shows a commitment to the job, getting involved with the friends group and working alongside parks staff. Stephen is a great worker and we are delighted with his progress.”

Waveney Norse is part of the Norse Group, providing a wide range of frontline services to the residents of Waveney. The company employs over 400 staff in and around Lowestoft.